Aliens and Other Religions

Recently we’ve been talking about Prophets from the Old Testament. This time, I want to discuss two Prophets who were not connected to that. Our first prophet, and possibly the first prophet of them all, was Zarathustra. ( Also known as Zoroaster ). The Prophet and founder of the Zoroastrian religion of the middle east. The Zoro in Zoroastrian comes from his name.

The place, Persepolis Iran. The thriving capitol city of the Persian Empire. Built by the Persian King Darius and said to be protected by the mighty  Sky God Ahura Mazda.  According to the Zoroastrian text the Avesta,  Zarathustra had his encounter when he had a vision of a shiny creature who led him to the top of a mountain that was bathed in a radiant glowing light .  Sound familiar ?  Sounds just like the experience Moses had doesn’t it ?  Seems the tops of mountains are the best places for these E.T.’s to land their space craft. It was there that he met with Ahura Mazda.

After this encounter, Zarathustra began preaching the concept of one almighty uncreated God, Holy and wise, benevolent and good, based on the power of good against evil, and that truth is the light, and the way .  This idea pre dates the Egyptian form of monotheism, and was long before the Hebrew, and then Christian forms.  And just like the later religions Ahura Mazda, being the God of Righteousness and good, is at constant battle with the one creator of all evil, his nemesis, Angra Mainyu. These fundamental ideas were influential in the later forming of the Hebrew religion. Just like on Earth with us Humans, there are good extra terrestrials, and evil ones too. Good and evil permeate the entire Universe.

It is interesting to note that Ahura Mazda is said to be a sky god, and is depicted sitting in a winged disc that has what looks like exhaust coming out of the bottom. He is also depicted with a beard just as the ancient Sumerians depicted the Anunnaki a little further to the west at roughly the same time. I believe they were all Alien Anunnaki and that different ones were stationed in different parts of the world to help sew the seeds of civilization. I would also like to point out that the three Magi that followed the star to Bethlehem were Zoroastrian Priest Kings from Persia who were instructed by the Alien Anunnaki to follow the star, which moved and led them. UFO ?

Ahura Mazda in UFO

Above is a stone relief from the ancient Persian city of Persepolis, showing Ahura Mazda seated in his space craft. The wings are meant to show that he was able to fly in this craft.

anunnaki in space craft

Above is a stone relief from ancient Sumeria depicting the Anunnaki  ( Anunnaki meaning “those who from the heavens came”).  Notice the similarities between the two pictures.  Both are depicted looking exactly the same, with beards, and both are in some type of space craft. One thing is for certain, there were advanced beings flying around in the sky in the ancient past.

Our second subject is the prophet, and founder of the Mormon religion Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith could be considered a modern day prophet as the book of Mormon, based on his interactions with the Aliens, was published in March of 1830. This is a very interesting story as it happened here in North  America, in Pylmara, western New York,  in the not too distant past, and  that the book of Mormon has his own first person accounts of his contactee experiences.  His first encounter was at the age of fourteen, when he went into the woods alone to pray about  which church to join.

” I saw a pillar of light exactly over my head above the brightness of the Sun ” There’s that pillar of light again ! Possibly a cigar or pillar shaped UFO. Students of UFO’s say these are the ” Mother Ships” that the smaller craft come out of.  Made for the long interstellar journeys across the vastness of space. ” When the light rested upon me, I saw two personages, whose brightness and glory defy all description, standing above me in the air”. Sounds like two E.T.’s hovering above him just below the space craft. He was told not to join any of the churches as they were all false.

Joseph Smith and the First encounter with extra terrestrials

Three years later, still a young boy, he was visited again one night while saying his prayers by an Angel by the name of ” Moroni “.  Moroni explained that he was from the star system pliades, told Joseph about a set of golden plates,  an ancient record of this continent, a gospel, similar to the Holy Bible in the old world. He explained that these plates, a message from someplace else, and the tools to translate them were buried in a cave in a hillside behind a rock. It’s very interesting what happens next. Morini leaves, then immediately returns and says the exact same thing, then leaves and returns and does it again for a third time.  Like a DVD or some type of hologram that’s gotten stuck on repeat.

joe smith and Moroni

Joseph Smith goes on to translate these plates, which disappeared sometime after he finished his work and published the book of Mormon, which became the religion of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints now 14 million strong .

So I leave you with this thought. All religions are extra terrestrial in origin. These prophets thought their encounters were angelic in nature,  when in reality,  they were visited by flesh and blood aliens.

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