Extra Terrestrial’s and the Evolution of Man

When looking at the evolution of man, we see several different theories. The most accepted, the Darwin theory, published in 1859 by Anthropologist Charles Darwin, states that we evolved from apes over millions of years and that our intellectual abilities were driven into existence by natural selection. He believed that when our ancestors began to walk on two feet they started using their hands to make tools, thus making them smarter. But if we look at the timeline of how that happened, along with several other factors, it just doesn’t make sense.

early hominids

First, evolution happens in very small increments over a long period of time. Man’s evolution seems to sit still for millions of years and then just jumps forward suddenly as if out of no where. Another point is if we did evolve from a primitive species, there should be an unbreakable line of ancestors going back from us to the very first one, which we do not have. Thus the infamous “Missing Link “. Let me explain further……


Roughly 6 million years ago, one of many different ape like species stood upright and began to walk on two feet. This is phase one. Then nothing more for 4 million years. Suddenly, according to the fossil records, 2 million years ago, this or another species began to make stone tools. Seemingly out of no where. There have been no discoveries of attempts at this, or evidence it happened slowly. Tool making just appears . Almost as if they were taught this by some outside intelligence. Then once again, no advances for 1.8 million years. Then suddenly,  around 200,000 years ago, Homo Sapiens appeared.  Modern man had arrived. But from where ?  We are, however,  the latest version of this model.

early homo sapien

Now if we subscribe 100% to the theory of survival of the fittest, then why did we shed our fur? Because as soon as we shed our fur, we had to start wearing them in order to keep from freezing to death. So losing our fur in order to better survive makes absolutely no sense ! Another question is why are we the only species on the planet to have evolved so far ? We don’t see Giraffes going into space, or Elephants building houses ! Every other creature on the planet has remained basically the same for millions of years. Alligators haven’t changed at all in at least 65 million years ! So if you look at how nature evolves, then we seem to be something that actually goes against nature.  Maybe that’s because we were created by an other worldly intelligence into the creatures we are today?


The year, 1849. The place, Northern Iraq. Directly across from the modern city of Mosul on the banks of the Tigris River, lie the remains of the ancient Mesopotamian city of Nineveh, a city mentioned in the Old Testament Hebrew  Bible. Archaeologist Henry Austin Laird and his team unearthed the great library of King Ashurbanipal. The library was an archives of thousands of clay tablets written in cuneiform ( wedge shaped )  writing dating back to 3,000 bc. As a matter of fact, these are the oldest known written records in the world. This was an archives painstakingly preserved by the Sumerians as a legacy of their history for future generations. All together they discovered 30,000 -40,000 tablets.


After studying these tablets for 30 years, Russian born Linquist, Zacharia Sitchens, cracked the code and deciphered the tablets. He found a story of how the God’s came down from heaven and interacted with man, and mined for gold which they needed for their home planet. Now, if they were God’s, who are supposed to be spiritual beings, they would not have a home planet. Nor would they need gold for any reason. So these God’s must have been actual living beings, Extra Terrestrials . The Sumerians called them the “Anunnaki “ which translated means “ those who from heaven came to Earth “. The tablets go even further and tell the story of how the Anunnaki took a form of primitive Hominid, used their own DNA, and created modern man as a worker species to do the mining for them. It also says that they were created and placed into an area called “ Edin “.

 adam and eve

Now we must remember that every single ancient culture, the Hindu’s, the Chinese, the Mayan’s, the Aztecs and Inca’s to name a few, had 3 beliefs. One, that we were created by a higher intelligence, two, that knowledge was a gift from the God’s, and three, that language was a gift from the God’s. That is why our development happened so quickly. Our DNA was changed. We were upgraded with a sort of software download many times over the last 50,000 years and it still continues to this day. I believe that Alien abductions are part of this process. They are taking human eggs and sperm from abductee’s , upgrading the DNA, and placing the results back into the general population in order to pass these changes along. Some scientific research actually supports this idea.


In 2004, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Chicago, announced startling results of a study done over many years. This publication stated that the sophistication of the human brain was due to a “special event”, and that around 50,000 years ago our genes went through an enormous amount of change in a very short period of time. Some scientists refer to this as “ The  Big Bang of the Brain “. I refer to it as Major upgrade # 1. This is when our brains seperated into two seperate hemispheres, and we got the ability to think and plan, and think in abstract ways. This is also about the time that we have peculiar cave paintings depicting alien like creatures or God’s.

human brain

We can also look to science for more proof when looking at language . FoxP2 is the gene in humans that is solely responsible for language. However, there is no evidence for origin ! It doesn’t exist anywhere on this Earth. There is no evidence that it was here and mutated to humans, it just appears ! Out of no where ! Another upgrade if you ask me. If we look at our closest relative, the Chimpanzee, there is such a huge difference in how our voice box  ( larynx ) is built, that scientists say it looks as though it was purposely designed and built so that we could create speech.

 So when looking back at all this information, my conclusion is this.  The Anunnaki came here to get resources, just as we will soon do from asteroids and the moon. After many years of toiling doing this, they decided to take the most advanced human like species, upgrade them with their own DNA, and use them as a slave species. They literally realized they could make them in their own image with their own DNA .Thus the modern human was born and placed in Edin. Thus the Bible quote “ and the God’s ( Anunnaki ) said, we will make them in our own image”. They also gave us laws, and moral codes to live by. They made us human, and gave us what we never had before, civilization, and humanity . So just remember, the next time you look up into the night sky, that we are all part Alien.

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