Sumeria, the Garden of Eden.

Ancient Sumeria, long thought to be the cradle of modern civilization, existed 6000 years ago in southern Mesopotamia which is present day Iraq. Mesopotamia, which means “between the two rivers” in Greek, was situated between the Tigress and Euphrates Rivers and extended down to the Persian Gulf.

From the 1840’s on, there have been many archaeological expeditions in this region. Ancient archives containing thousands of clay tablets with cuneiform ( wedge shaped) writing on them were discovered in cities such as Nineveh, and Ur the hometown of the Biblical Abraham.

Several of these tablets tell the story of a race of beings called the “Anunnaki” who descended from the heavens and created man. The word Anunnaki means “those who from heaven came”. These beings were flesh and blood Extra Terrestrials who lived among and ruled over mankind. These tablets tell the story of genetic manipulation done by the Anunnaki to primitive man giving us intelligence and language. Fox P2 is the gene in humans that is solely responsible for language and our ability to speak. This gene suddenly appeared in our genome from no where about 50,000 years ago. It was not already present in humans, did not mutate to us, and was found no where else in the animal world. It just suddenly appeared. I think given to us by the Anunnaki, whom we thought were God’s.

The Anunnaki and the tree of life.
The Anunnaki and the tree of life.

Above is a picture of a stone relief showing the Anunnaki and the tree of life. The winged disc at top center is to show that they were able to fly in some sort of disc shaped craft. The winged beings are messengers who take information back and forth to and from Earth . To primitive man, the only thing flying at that time were birds, therefore these must have been Gods. The tree of life, many including myself believe, is supposed to represent a DNA strand, that signifies the genetic manipulation they did to create us.

annunakispace ship


The picture above shows three Anunnaki hovering in a spaceship over some sort of landing beacon. The two beings on the ground seem to be welcoming them.

Of course there are those who relegate these legends and texts to myth. But one must remember that many of the stories from the ancient world have been taken out of the Mythical realm and proven true by archaeaological discoveries. Places like the legendary city of Troy in Greece, and the Sumerian capitol of Ur with it’s Pyramid like Ziggurat were all thought to be only Myths and their existence is now known to be true.

Therefore, I say we begin to look at these ancient text’s as history books and not fiction. ┬áThe ancients spent enormous amounts of time recording these events. Too much time, I believe, for it to have been just fiction.

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