The Alien Anunnaki’s, and the Bible.

Why is it that almost every religion in the world was started after a visitation by someone or something  that came down from the heavens. Usually with loud thunder , whirlwinds, fire and smoke. The reason ? Early humans, not having any frame of reference , thought that this was God or the God’s. The Extra Terrestrials, knowing this, used it as a means to gain control and amass financial wealth. The Anunnaki, who came to Earth to mine for gold, were easily able to convince us humans, to collect and bring them our gold. We did this as an offering to our Gods, and because we did what God told us to. If one reads the Old Testament from a purely logical standpoint, it is full of visitations and even abductions by Extra Terrestrials.

Moses. Moses first encountered what he thought was God as a burning bush on a mountain. He was told to go to the Pharoh and demand “let my people go.” Now we all know that bushes just don’t burst into flames and start giving instructions. This was most likely some form of alien craft or device that had bright lights or was emitting a glow of some type as is reported with many modern day UFO encounters.

moses and the burning bush

When the Exodus began, Moses and his followers, some 2 million people, were led out of Egypt and guided by a pillar of smoke during the day, and a pillar of fire at night.  When this pillar landed on the ground they made camp.  When it lifted off the ground, they started traveling again. Again, we must remember that many UFO’s are described as cigar or “pillar” shaped.

moses and the pillar of fire

Moses again encountered God on Mt Sinai when he was given the 10 commandments. This story is even stranger.  Moses was given a message that God would be landing on the top of the mountain and that only he was allowed to come up and confer with the Almighty .  God, or as I believe, a space ship, landed on the mountain and up went Moses . He stayed there for 40 days and 40 nights . Now this may not have been as long a time for him as this sounds like a classic abduction scenario where there may have been a difference in time . Moses may have been up there for what he thought was a day or two, only to return and find out he was gone much longer.  While he was with them, he was taken up into space where he viewed the Earth from far above. He even says ” and there upon I saw the whole round of the Earth”. We must remember that up until the time of Columbus, the Earth was thought to be flat. Therefore, he must have seen it from space.

ufo on top of mt sinai

When he did come  back down the mountain his appearance had drastically changed. He was glowing !  What caused that ?  Perhaps exposure to some extremely powerful light source or radiation.

Ezekiel. Ezekiel was walking along the Kebar  river in what was then Babylon, when suddenly he had a close encounter.

I looked, and I saw a windstorm coming out of the north– and immense cloud with flashing lighting and surrounded by brilliant light. The center of the fire looked like glowing metal, and in the fire was what looked like four living creatures. In appearance their form was that of a man, but each of them had four faces and four wings.

Sounds to me like he was seeing the 4 occupants of the space craft through the windows.


Their legs were straight; their feet were like those of a calf and gleamed like burnished bronze. Under their wings on their four sides they had the hands of a man. All four of them had faces and wings, and their wings touched one another. Each one went straight ahead; they did not turn as they moved. (1:4-9)

This sounds like the straight landing gear sticking down from the UFO. When he says that they’re wings touched one another it could be 4 small space craft hovering in formation like the way our military jets fly.

Their faces looked like this: Each of the four had the face of a man, and on the right side each had the face of a lion, and on the left the face of an ox; each also had the face of an eagle. Such were their faces. Their wings were spread out upward; each had two wings, one touching the wing of another creature on either side, and two wings covering its body. Each one went straight ahead. Wherever the spirit would go, they would go, without turning as they went. The appearance of the living creatures was like burning coals of fire or like torches; it was bright, and lightning flashed out of it. The creatures sped back and forth like flashes of lightning. (1:10-14)

ezekiel and ufo's

This again sounds to me like several aircraft flying around in formation. The burning coals of fire and lightning could be engine exhaust like that of our military jet aircraft. The different faces I can’t figure out. Unless they painted they’re personal space craft the way our boys did in WW2 ?

When the living creatures moved, the wheels beside them moved; and when the living creatures rose from the ground, the wheels also rose. Wherever the spirit would go, they would go, and the wheels would rise along with them, because the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels… When the creatures moved, I heard the sound of their wings, like the roar of the Almighty, like the tumult of an army. (1:19-20, 24,)

When they rose from the ground, the wheels also rose. This happens when aircraft take off. The roar of the Almighty is probably the engines.

Ezekiel was given prophecies of things to come from these extra terrestrials. Including a famine that killed thousands.

Enoch. God liked him and took him away in a firey Chariot.  ” And Enoch went walking with God, and Enoch kept walking with God, then he was no more for God took him ” According to the ancient Sumerian text’s, Enoch’s Anunnaki name was Enkimi, and he was taken by the Anunnaki  commander Enki to Mars. Enki liked him and taught him the way of the cosmo’s. He was taken to Mars with Enki to work as Mars was a weigh station for the gold that was on the way to their planet Nibiru.

These are just a few of the many, many strange paranormal things described in the Old Testament .  I challenge you to Google some of this stuff and really look at what it says. It may make you think a little differently about your Religion. It did me ! I will be talking about a lot more of this stuff in my future posts. So until then !






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